Manual of SLP Mesh Enhancement, Remote Discovery, Customization, and Global Attributes

Release Version: 1.1.0
Date: 10/25/05

Introduction | Roadmap | Compile | DA Manual | UA/SA Manual

1. Introduction

This is a prototype implementation (using Java 1.4) for SLP mesh enhancement, remote discovery, customization, and global attributes. In the server side, provides enhanced DA functions. In the client side, provides integrated UA/SA functions.

2. Roadmap for Source Files

Table 1. Shared Files
File NameFunctions Constant definitions Some useful utilities SLPv2 message parser SLPv2 message composer TCP message handler UDP message handler

Table 2. Files for DA
File NameFunctions Core DA code including GUI Peer data structure in DA peer list DA actions for different SLPv2 messages DA TCP server DA TCP handler for each connection DA UDP server Bulk state transfer for anti-entropy DA database management Information about Select/Sort extension Entry data structure in database Sort entries on an attribute list Summary of states and DAAdvert information

Table 3. Files for UA/SA
File NameFunctions UA/SA implementation with GUI UA actions for different SLPv2 messages Thread to do DA discovery

3. Compile

Note: you need Java 1.4 or later version to compile the source code.

4. User Manual for DA

5. User Manual for UA/SA

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